Virtual keyboard integration with h5p


I am super impressed with your features!! I am in process of improving my Hebrew language online school. 

But I have just tiny issue with virtual hebrew keyboard. It is ok for every fields on the website, but except of fields in the h5p quizzes and its fileds. 

People should type words and letters in Hebrew but virtual keyboard doesn't show only on h5p fields. 

Can you advice something, like script or it is impossible to use virtual keyboard with h5p? This is the plugin I use


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Hi Ivrika!

It's really hard to say what the reason might be, because the keyboard plugin seems to be closed source software. We cannot look at the code. If I had to guess, I'd say that it has to do with so called "iframes" that are are commonly used to embed content (such as H5P). I assume the plugin cannot react on input fields in those, and I am afraid that we cannot do anything about it.