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Video upload option is not showing while add new content for interactive video

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I am not sure I understand. Are you not able to upload a video for Interactive Video? Are you using Could you please add a screenshot?


i have a similar problem.

i can select "interactive video" in the list.

when trying to upload a new video to edit, i get only the following mask.

Without the possibility to add a file.

PErhaps a forgot a setting?!

Thanks for reply Martin


here are the attachements

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Could you check if you have any JavaScript errors in the browser's console?

We have seen this problem before, and then it almost always has been related to file access setup being wrong.


i couldn't see any java error.

if i add a image hotspot it shows the plus for adding files.

can you describe a little deeper regarding the file access setup ?

Thanks Martin

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You should check your files below wp-content/uploads/h5p/libraries, there you should find a directory named H5PEditor.InteractiveVideo-1.11 (if you have the latest version). If it is not present, that is the problem. If it is present, you should check the file permissions for the different library-folders and the files within it. E.g: it has to be readable by the web server.

Thanks you !

i changed permission - still didn't work.

So i deleted the H5P Plugin and installed it again and ... now it works!

Thanks !!