Image Hotspot - mouse hover

Hi all!

Give me advice, please.

How can I change mouse event at hotspot from "on click" to "on hover"?

And the second question. Is there any plans to add area selection like Facebook style?

Thank you!

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I suggest creating a pull-request for this. This way it will be available for everyone, and future updates will be compatible. The repository can be found at You can choose your approach yourself, but I would start by adding a semantic option (boolean) to toggle this feature in semantics.json. Then in the script for singular hotspot change the click event to a mouseover event and the coupled mouseout logic, if the semantic.json boolean is checked.

I'm not familiar with Facebook style, but there already exists functionality for hotspots determined by shapes, instead of a button, for instance image-hotspot-question and iv-hotspots. Porting this to image hotspots could be useful with a good design.

I would love to hear how this turns out for you.



Unfortunately, I am not a developer, and it is difficult for me. I was hoping to get the finished code example. What about Facebook style, you can look this old plugin for example -
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There are no concrete plans to implement this. Your best bet for getting this implemented is to develop it yourself, hire an H5P consultant or hope that somebody picks up on your idea and loves it so much that he wants to create it :)

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I'm kinda new with this and using it for a study. Is there any simple way to create mouseover text over text on a "course presentation"?



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Hi Rachel,

You can check this documentation for details.