REQUEST to reconize "Kaltura" URL or embed codes for videos

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Hello, thanks for all your hard work thus far. 

Within our Moodle 3.2 instance, we use "Kaltura" as a video repository plugin for our students and instructors. My instructors would love to use our Kaltura video links to create H5P interactive videos. Is there any way that your team can help us with this. Below I am adding images of what we see when trying to add Kaltura videos to an H5P project. 

This is what happens when I use our video link:

This is the error I get after saving it:

Our view of Kaltura:

As you can see we have some advanced features available in our Kaltura window> 1.Auto Embed 2.Dynamic Embed 3.Thumbnail embed 4.Iframe Embed.

Also below I am attaching a text doc of our embed code and short URL so you can see what we have available. 

Please feel free to call me if you need any additional information. 252-493-7645 .est. 

Ken Peel Pitt Community College. 

Our Kaltura view

I would love to showcase this feature at our next conference in October if I could. Thanks
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You would need to get a direct link to a video file that browsers usually have codecs for (they tend to have suffixes such as .mp4, .webm, etc.), and it seems Kaltura does not show it openly. If you have the resources, you could also dig through the source code of the Kaltura player and and build a Kaltura handler similar to the YouTube handler.


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Try to get a look at:

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Thanks so much. 

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The easiest way I have found to get the kaltura video link is to download the flavor you want to use in H5P (probably the "Source" flavor) then from your downloads page in your browser (I'm using Chrome) right click the link and select "copy link address" from the drop down menu. Took me a while to figure this out so hopefully it will save others some time.

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Thank you for tip maxwaluk.