Interaktive Video

Hey there,

We are trying to put together some interactive videos for the engineering students at our university. The Drag and Drop feature could open up a whole lot of opportunities.
Unfortunatly it is not possible to use graphics with a transparent background as items. A white background is automaticly created. Could there be any fix to that? It would look way better.

Also it would be awesome, if the drag and drop would allow, to place things directly in the video screen while the video is paused and not open an extra window.

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The draggable elements in Drag and Drop have an opacity setting with a default value of 100 (no transparency). If you set this to 0, the background will be transparent.

In IV, an interaction may be shown using button or poster. When choosing poster, the interaction will be displayed without an extra window.

Thank you for helping out. That looks way better now. I would have thought, that the opacity would effect the whole grafic.

The poster option also workes better for me.

When placing an image there is no option to set the opacity. That would be a nice option still.

So far thank you!

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