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I was trying to make an Interactive Video on the and had planned to then embed the code.

It however said that only files of 16 MB could be uploaded as Video, this is quite less as most of our videos are quite larger than that in mp4. 

It said that it needs an External Service for files larger than 16 MB, actually we do have a Video Hosting Service Subscription - can it be used to upload the videos and then use the Interactive Video feature here for content creation, if yes then kindly let me know how I can do it?

Thank you.

Interactive Video Uploading on External Service
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Hi Bilal!

You can use other external video services by providing H5P with a link to the video file that can usually identified by a suffix such as mp4. webm, etc. Please also see my answer to you other post.

you can upload your videos to youtube then use them in H5P

or you can use H5P plugin if you have wordpress website, then there would be no limit at all would release later this year which I think it would allow uploading larger videos

Hello all, 

Not on the same topic, but it is also related with video contents. I am using Moodle 3.3.5 as LMS and using H5P to create interactive content. For an interactive video, it is possible to direct the user to specific locations in the video based on the answer provided, you can select what to do for correct and wrong answer. It is a good feature, but is it possible to direct the user to a different content (another H5P content or normal content such as text, quiz etc.) based on students feedback.

Moodle currently allows restriction of access based on grade, completion, or date of an activity, this can be used after an activity is completed, but not inside an activity.


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Hi tpan,

Please see my answer here.