unable to add bookmark in H5P Interactive Video 1.19.3

I use H5P on WordPress.

I have the latest version of the plugin, and the latest version of the H5P Interactive Video Library.

When I want to add a bookmark, whether on an integrated video or on a YouTube video, it does not work, no bookmark is added.

I notice this is due to a JavaScript error and I have attached a screen copy.

I also noticed the library version is 1.19.3, but on another WordPress H5P install:

  • H5P Interactive Video version is 1.17.2
  • I have no problem to add bookmarks
  • even if I update H5P libraries, H5P Interactive Video remains in version 1.17.2

Please advise and provide a fix, as I do need to provide videos with bookmarks to my users.

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Hi atriaforever,

Thank you for reporting this. I created a bug report and you follow the progress here.


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Hi atriaforever,

Just an update this should already be resolved. If you are using one of the supported frameworks you need to update Interactive Video to download the update.


Yes it works fine, thanks a lot!