The Parthenon, Centennial Park, Nashville, Tennessee


When students create with H5P, they gain these valuable benefits while they demonstrate their learning toward course outcomes. When students use their own images to share their perspectives, they increase the sense of community in the online classroom. Students likely can upload images directly to an LMS; however, using H5P ensures consistency among image sizes and optimizes page load times for all users. With Collage, students can 
• display multiple views of completed hands-on projects,
• demonstrate progress in an experiment, or
• document and share their observations.
The provided example is a possible student response to an assignment in a History of American Architecture course. Students must identify a structure of architectural interest in their community, take three images from varying vantage points, and share with the class. In the ensuing discussion, students work together to identify characteristics of the structure according to their learning in the course. Students may need some guidance in creating alternative and hover text. Collage is recommended when full-screen view is not necessary or when all images are best seen at once.

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