Skeletal System


When students create with H5P, they gain these valuable benefits while they demonstrate their learning toward course outcomes. Being able to accurately associate objects, people, and places with principles, vocabulary, and theory is foundational to advanced work in every discipline, and images provide an alternative way to practice these skills. With Image Hotspots, students can demonstrate their ability to identify, classify, and, in text descriptions, explain their reasoning. Such projects may include
• indicating and describing locations on a map,
• distinguishing features on illustrations or images of science experiments, or
• characterizing elements of an item or scene.
Our Image Hotspots example is a labeled skeleton. Instructors may consider providing an image for all students to work with or request that students locate files or upload their own. If students are working with identical images, work may be posted before students can view the work of others with ensuing discussions that compare, contrast, and critique. One advantage of having students determine the image is it allows students to apply knowledge to a variety of images, providing a deeper connection to their learning. Students can then use the variety of images used by students to study material.

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