Moodle full-browser mode (not full-screen)

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Hi, and thanks for developing such a great module :)

How possible is it to add this feature in the Moodle H5P module?

  1. Create H5P instance
  2. Display Options:
  • Display action bar and frame
  • Download button
  • Copyright button
  • Display in full-browser mode

Full-browser mode is similar to full-screen mode. All it does is fill the available browser window space with the H5P presentation, i.e. 100% width X 100% height (with CSS to remove the default 5px margin). Therefore, there are no:

  • Course name headers
  • Navigation side blocks
  • Navigation "breadcrumbs"
  • etc.

What would be useful is a minimal top-navigation bar with the course title, site name/logo (depending on the site theme), and a link back to the main Moodle course page.

The main advantage: When set, full-browser mode is on by default. Users don't need to think about whether full-screen is available and if there is a button to click and where that button is. Also, users aren't presented with the web browser's default full-screen mode messages.

AFAIK, the necessary coding to implement these changes would be minimal but I think the feature would be very useful.

What do you think?

All the best,


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Sorry, forgot to subscribe to this post for email notifications! Done now :)

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What you are describing, is something I have wanted for a long time. To make a "full-browser" mode usefull on all platforms (Drupal and WordPress aswell), we need to take into account one page may contain several H5Ps. This could be solved e.g by the same way as the following example: I.e, you would require a user-interaction to open the H5P in full-browser mode. What do you think of this approach?

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Hi fnoks, yes, that's similar to what I had in mind, but with one less click in Moodle: When the user clicks on the activity link on the course main page, the H5P activity should open immediately in full-browser mode. To me, requiring another click is redundant but I can see where others might want the option to include intro and outro screens of some sort, especially of they're re-using 3rd party H5P packages.

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I think this easiest solution could be implemented in a Moodle-specific way. I.e, add a setting in the H5P form, which makes some special class beeing added to e.g the body, which then in turn may be used by a series of CSS-selectors to get the wanted behavior.

Note: I am not a Moodle-developer, so it might be other best practice ways of achieving this :)

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I've developed a few activity modules for Moodle. To get the full-browser feature to work well, I bypassed the Moodle $PAGE object and rendering altogether and went with a simple, lightweight, minimal page that filled the browser window with the embedded content. $PAGE renders and loads a lot of JS and page elements that are redundant if all the user sees is the embedded content.

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This sounds like a cleaner solution :)