Do not show the correct answer in H5P Quiz set after click on Show Solution

Hi All,

Can i not show the correct answer after student click on "Show Solution" button in H5P quiz set

Thank you

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Hi Nari!

You can deactivate the "Show solution" button in the "behavioural settings" below the content editor.


Hi Oliver,

Thank you for responded,

If i deactivate the "Show solution" button in behavioral setting meaning it will disappear and my student can't see anymore right?   If yes, that is not my point. My point mean student can click Show solution button but when go back to the question list. I don't want to show the correct anwser when they did wrong answer.

Do we have any other solution?

 Thank you once again.


Hi Narit,

I'm looking for the same. Have you figured out?

Thank you,


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Hi Narit and Lucas,

This is not possible. The goal of the "show solution" button is to show the answers to all questions may be answered right or wrong by the students. Although I understand why you need to have an additional feature for it not to show for the ones they answered incorrectly. I will move this post to the feature request forum.


Hi BV52

Thank for updating and Looking forward for the new feature in H5P.


Thank you

I tried to hide via css as I did in other elements but for some reason it does not work for the h5p activities.

I tried this: .h5p-solution-icon{display: none!important;}

Do you have any idea how I could achieve this using css?


Hi BV52, 

I'm experiecing the same problem, in the sense that I would not like students to get the correct answer even on completion of the Quiz. 

Has this feature been added.

Kind regards

Dr Kader 

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Hi Dr Kader,

I wish I have good news but no one has picked up this project yet.


Would be really interesting to find out if this was implemented

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Hi robynete,

Same as before no one has picked up this project yet.