Save content state for Audio content

Audio resources do not retain file position information.

When partially played and then return to complete, it goes back to the beginning. Would love to see progress tracking.


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Hi nvacademy!

I said it was not very difficult before, and I just created a pull request for implementing the feature in H5P Audio. Nice finger exercise for the evening :-)

If the changes get accepted, H5P.Audio itself will be capable of storing and retrieving the previous position. However other content types will have to build on this functionality if they want to make their audio tracks resumable. It doesn't make sense everywhere probably. I'll leave that to the community ;-)


Thanks for doing this Oliver! It's a nice feature for long audio recordings.

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You're welcome!


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Hi nvacademy!

The feature has just been merged into the so called master branch, so it should be available with the next release.


Hi Oliver, it's been several years since you wrote this feature to track audio playback progress. Thanks again for developing the feature. We have discovered that it does not work with iPhones these days. When an iPhone user starts an h5p audio player, leaves and returns, there's a failure. it appears to recall the last position, but then when play is clicked, plays from the beginning and the user can no longer scrub through the timeline. Any thoughts on how to resolve this? Also, would you be interested in working under contract to resolve the issue?  thanks.

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That should not be related to restoring the previous time code - but with autoplay when the browser doesn't allow to. Should not completely wreck the player, but who knows what Apple does ...

Please note that I am neither the maintainer of H5P.Audio nor part of the H5P core team, so they should be the adressee for bugs reported in the bug report forum providing the requested information at the top.

Regardless of that: Here's the fix and here's the respective ticket


Thanks for the clarification and opening a ticket. Much appreciated.