Validating h5p package failed.

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I have a Dupal core 7.59 instance with H5P 7.x-1.35 installed.
When I attempt to update the content types via "Interactive Content" tab I get the following error.

Validating h5p package failed.

The file you uploaded is not a valid HTML5 Package (We are unable to unzip it) Get help

Any idea how I can fix it?

When is the July release avaialble?


Validating h5p package failed.
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Hi Robert,

Can you please check your browser console for errors and any PHP errors.


My Problem was that the sites/default/files/h5p folder was lacking the right to write a file to.  When the downloaded file is not written to the filesystem the drupal 7 h5p module gives the "not a h5p file" error. 



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I'm downloading H5P files from, then extracting the ZIP,  changing one CSS declaration, recompiling the ZIP, renaming to .h5p and uploading to my  No matter what I do (or how LITTLE I do), I get two errors:
What am I doing wrong? Thanks

Validating h5p package failed.

A valid content folder is missingGet help


A valid main h5p.json file is missingGet help

H5P file: 
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Hi ArchonKen,

It's possible that you may be zipping the files the wrong way. Could you please check if you zipped the folder (won't work) or all the files (should work)?


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As BV52 mentioned, your ".h5p" file is really not an ".h5p" file, since it contains a css_test folder. It should contain the following files/folders in the "root" of the H5P file:

  • content
  • Drop-1.0
  • FontAwesome-4.5
  • H5P.DragText-1.7
  • H5PEditor.RangeList-1.0
  • H5PEditor.TableList-1.0
  • H5P.FontIcons-1.0
  • H5P.JoubelUI-1.3
  • h5p.json
  • H5P.Question-1.4
  • H5P.Transition-1.0
  • jQuery.ui-1.10
  • Tether-1.0

You could also have a look at the H5P spec

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Does the order of the folders in the root folder matter? Also, is there an ideal zip app that Mac users should do this with?



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Hi goster!

The file itself is fine. But I assume you are trying to upload it on a platform that does not have the custom CoursePresentation library installed that can be found inside the file - and with your account you are lacking the rights to install H5P libraries (from the file).

May I ask where you got that specific file? I happen to know that it contains customizations that were commissioned by KidsLoop that have not been green-lit for being made public.


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Hello Oliver

yes you are exactly right - this content and other h5ps were created by KidsLoop for a common client Our Classroom Climate. My client bought the IP for the courses but KidsLoop has gone belly up and has only  given my client the h5p files as they now own it. I've been tasked with recreating the OCC content using these h5ps but some of them aren't working. Hence, reaching out to the h5p community here.



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Hey Andrew!

As mentioned, the file itself is fine. KidsLoop, however - against recommendations - only patched many of the original H5P libraries. Meaning: The code was changed a lot, but not the internal name of the libraries. That was kind of acceptable as long as the content was running on the KidsLoop platform where they had full control over what library was installed and where the download option was not active (for a good reason that's not protection of IP). But putting those files out into the wild will hardly work and can even break stuff.

The customized libraries will compete with the original libraries. The one with the higher version number wins.

In some cases, that will be the KidsLoop version which may not be compatible with the original version. It will provide an upgrade script that will make existing content work with the KidsLoop version and offer new features, but as soon as there's an original library with a higher version number and that gets installed, it will overwrite all the KidsLoop changes and content will break.

In other cases, there will be an original library with a higher version number, and content that was created with the KidsLoop version will not work.

Kind of summing up: I am sorry to say, but you cannot simply mix content that was created with the customized KidsLoop versions with content that's using the original H5P libraries. Anyone who does may wreck the platform.



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It is the way the file is compressing.  Your file contained empty file paths.

For OS X and Linux run this command in terminal to remove extra files and empty directory paths.

zip -r -D -X css_test.h5p *

-D   do not add directory entries

-X   eXclude eXtra file attributes

To verify and compare the h5p files type:

zipinfo css_test.h5p


Hello. I am using H5P on two different websites. I want to use a quiz I made on one website, on the other website (content attached). So I have tried to download and upload the content using the instructions here. But when I try to upload it I get a message saying that validating the h5p package failed, and that the file I uploaded is not a valid HTML5 Package and could not be unzipped. I have not changed the package at all. Following the advice given to another user I have checked the Chrome developer console but can see no errors. There is one warning: "jquery.js?ver=1.15.0:2 Allow attribute will take precedence over 'allowfullscreen'."

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Hi barneysamsonera,

Without any other information my best guess is that the receiving server uses a lower version of the H5P plugin.


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Hi Barney!

That other person is active here as well and that other person has also pointed out to potential problems residing on your server (that jQuery message has nothing to do with the problem) - which was probably correct given that that person could upload your file without any trouble. If you are now seeking help here, it was great if you shared all the information that you have.


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Sorry, the site won't let me start a thread, only reply.  I am at U. Hawaii where we use a Sakai-based LMS.  I would like to integrate H5P with my Gradebook but can't figure out how to do that.  When I tried to get an account at, it won't tell me how much that will cost or if there are individual subscriptions.  Can you tell me if I can get an individual subscription, how much that would cost, and if it will be possible for me to set up with Sakai?  thanks.

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Hi pyscheffler,

You can reach out to the H5P Customer Success team by sending an e-mail to [email protected].


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thank you!