H5P Guides

The .h5p Specification

The specification for the H5P file format consists of 5 important components.

  1. The package itself, a standard zip file with a specific extension of .h5p to help distinguish it from other zip files. 
  2. A specific file tree structure inside the package, which is elaborately explained on the File Structure page.
  3. A package definition file, describing the contents of the package. Have a look at the Package Definition page for details.
  4. One optional content structure, which includes media files and a content.json file. The content file will describe the parameters required to start the interactive content, as specified in the package definition file. The structure of this file will be according to the semantics defined by the content type's library.
  5. Lastly, there will be a variety of code libraries that are required for the content to run. Each of these libraries must specify their name, dependencies and other meta-data in the Library Definition file. And if the library is specified as a runnable content type, it must also include a Semantics Definition file which describes the structure of the content.

As stated above, the content structure is optional, so in essence an .h5p file could be used only to transfer libraries between different websites.