Please change grading behaviour in HP5 for Moodle

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At the moment the bahaviour of H5P interactions - in my case interactive video - is this:
I create the interactive video with for example 4 questions (=4 points). In the grading book of Moodle I find (before the students take the task) 100 points and therefore a high weighting. When the students watch the video the points will be corrected to 4 points and also the weighting will be corrected.
I would prefer if the interactions would give the possibility to define the points from the beginning, so the weighting is correct from the beginning.

Another "problem" of the grading in Moodle is that all students lose there score if I change anything in the interactive video (for example a translation of the feedback). I would appreciate if the score remains until the student take the task once again. This would facilitate the handling of H5P in Moodle a lot.



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Our IT staff added a simple checkbox option to the moodle plugin that now indicates if you want to reset the score or not (no by default), since it might not be necessary if you just correct typos or something like that.

Should be simple to add to the official moodle plugin, I guess.

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Yes, there are definitely some weaknesses with the scoring system at the moment that should be resolved.

It is not possible to determine the max score of an interactive video before it has been created at the moment. One way of solving this could be to allow the author to decide this, like you suggested. Another peculiarity with Interactive Video is that it only grades the interactions that you have actually attempted, so the max score will change if you skip attempting an interaction.

Improving this should definitely be on the roadmap.

It is hard to create a diff between what has been changed when an author edits content. If he adds/removes essential elements of the task for the user saved state, the view will try to load the old data and fail, causing an unrecoverable state. A potential solution to this is like Otacke suggested, make the author decide whether he wants to reset the content user data, and add some more robust error handling when restoring the user data.

- Thomas