[Documentation tool] Link in additional help information is not active

I tried to put a link in the additional help information field (last field of standard page).  No problem in the backend, but when I click  "More information" the link in the popup window is no longer active.

I am using the H5P Wordpress plugin.

Is this a bug in H5P or in the Wordpress plugin?

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What do you mean when you say the link is not active? Have you tried clicking it? Could it be the theme on your site is styling it in a way that makes it look inactive?

As you can see in the screenhots the link I added in the backend doesn't appear on the frontend. It is not a matter of theme styling, the link has just been removed.



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Thank you for clarifying. Are you using the button on the toolbar to define the link, or are you pasting this from another source? I tested it on a WordPress and was not able to reproduce it.