Allow adding videos to questions

It would be great to be able to add a video to various questions types (such as multiple-choice and fill-in-the-blanks), just as we are able to add images. We could then have a learner watch a video and then answer a question about it.

I realize this can be done with a question at the end of an Interactive Video, but that method has two limitations:

  1. It won't work for iPhones, since they do not display the interactive elements of H5P videos
  2. It won't work if you want the question in a Question Set, as Interactive Videos cannot be added to those currently

An interface similar to the "add video" button of Course Presentation seems like it would work nicely.

I'd offer to sponsor this enhancement myself, but I'm afraid I've exhausted my H5P development budget for a while! 

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I'm sure you know, but for other readers I must comment that you may also use CoursePresentation to achieve this. One video slide followed by a question slide.

We're also working on column content type allowing you to put almost any H5P content below each other in a column. Allowing for video/audio/image instead of just image for multichoice and fill in would only take a few hours.

Yes, I've thought about using Course Presentation for this, but I'd really prefer to use the video questions in a Question Set. 

It sounds like the column content type might suit my needs, too.