Course Presentation - SUMMARY function

In Course Presentation there is a summary at the end. This is good. But the sumamry only shows what user answered corerctly, adn it gives them a score. What I am looking for is a Summary that will list the

  • - question's number
  • - the actucal question title (such as 'What is the colour of blueberries?')
  • - the correct answer
  • - the answer that user clicked.

Is it possible to have all of this in the Summary slide, in a single table?

See image atatched for what I mean.

Then I also want user to be able to copy and paste this table unto an email (or just save it as a word document, or PDF - but not as an image in PDF, but rather as text table in a PDF or word document).

Thank you.

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Hi PoeticMind,

Thanks for your suggestion. I moved this post to the feature request forum.

It might be a bit difficult to implement in a way that looks nice for all use cases. Because Course Presentation has to support so many other Content Types inside it, and some of them can have very much data in the fields.