Twitter Feed Only Showing in IE

The Twitter Feed appears to be blocked on Firefox and Chrome but works on IE. This happens on both a local install of H5P and on the main site itself.

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Do you have a link (or a h5p you can send), so this can be investigated?

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Hi Peter,

I've just opened your link in both Chrome (53 on Linux) and Firefox (49 on Linux), and both seems to work fine.

Are you using any plugins that can interfere with the plugin? (Maybe some adblock or something). Can you opening the browsers in "incognito mode" (which is without plugins), and check if the bug is still present? 

- Tom

Hi Tom,

That was it. Adblock Plus is blocking it. I had the adblock software disabled on the LMS, so I didn't think that was it. I didn't realize it blocked the iframed content separately from the LMS content.



I'm using the Twitterfeed for Moodle and all it does is showing the link. I disabled the Adblock for that site but it doesn't change... 

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The link you posted is broken

Adblock needs to be disabled for the site for the Twitter feed to appear. Disabling Adblock for just the LMS does not solve the problem.