video or image upload fails using Chrome (macOS)

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After most recent Google Chrome update it seems I am no longer able to upload mp4, png, jpg files to H5P presentation slides.

Tested with:

  • tested after clearing browser cache and rebooted: Fails
  • tested with files that previously worked OK: Fails
  • tested by creating new section in moodle, added new H5P presentation, uploading video or image: Fails
  • upload of similar files to moodle pages works fine, e.g. the issue only occurs with the H5P presentation plug-in.

Error:  Course or activity not accessible.

Workaround: Moving to Firefox resolves the issue

System specs:

  • Google Chrome: Version 69.0.3497.100 (Official Build) (64-bit)
  • OS: macOS High Sierra. Version 10.13.6
  • H5P plug-in: Latest update (admin updated the plug-in to latest version to see if that resolved the issue).
  • Platform: Moodle 3.1
Error: Course or activity not accessible when uploading video or image
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Hi carijansen,

Thank you for reporting this. Please provide the information below.

  1. Any browser console errors
  2. Any PHP errors
  3. Screenshots of the error


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I don't have php admin access, so can't supply you with that.

But think I've managed to provide you with the JavaScript console  text that appears.

Note: for security/privacy reasons I've had to remove the domain name for the organisation I work for.



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Looking at Moodle's source code we can find the "Course or activity not accessible." error message.
It is displayed when Moodle is not able to log you in automatically. This indicates that this is a Moodle login issue rather than an H5P issue, and this is further emphasized by FireFox not being able to log you in and the password auto-complete error from your console.
Does this happen with any other devices with the same browser ? If not I suggest trying to log out completely and clearing any Moodle cookies/session, before trying to login to Moodle again through the main page and then accessing the content.

Best regards, Thomas

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We have several users reporting the same problem - i.e: upload of files through Chrome 69 fails.  We have tried the same operation on the same Chrome version on several different operating systems, but are not able to reproduce.

What we see from the input we have gotten from the different H5P users reporting this, is that it seems the H5P site doesn't think you are logged in when the file is sent.

I have come up with a hypothesis that the session cookie is not sent when the file is uploaded, which means the H5P site doesn't think you are logged in (and thus are not allowing file uploads)

Since this doesn't happen for everyone using this Chrome version, it has to be a combination of several things. I can think of two things that can interfere:

  • A chrome extension 
  • Some network equipment

Therefore, it would be great if you could do the following experiments:

  1. Try the file upload when using Chrome's incognito mode (File -> New incognito window). This will disable all chrome extensions.
  2. If incognito mode did not make any difference, could you try to do this with the same computer using another network? E.g: if you're experiencing this at work, could you bring your laptop home, and try there?

Please post your findings here :)

I discoverd that BlockThirdPartyCookies registry key prevents the uploads to complete in chrome and posted about the issue here