Location of feedback for Image Hotspot Questions

I've noticed with Image Hotspot Questions that it can be difficult to locate the feedback (which is placed below the image), especially if a largish, vertical image is being used. It seems it would be better to either:

  1. Have the feedback show immediately next to/below where the user clicked/touched (i.e., near the "X" or "check" that appears after a click or touch)
  2. Automatically scroll to the bottom of the image so the user can see the feedback

Option 2 may be confusing, though, since it would move the user away from where they just clicked/touched.

Would it be possible to implement option 1? Or is there another solution for this problem? 

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We considered option 1 when we designed this question type. It was in the first design suggestion internally, but I think we went for the current design to be consistent across question types. It might be that we should have given the problem with tall images/the bottom of the image below the viewport more weight. I'll ask magnus to comment on this as well.

Thanks for the feedback! As mentioned earlier, we did a serious consideration of option 1. I'll try to highlight why didn't go for that solution:

  • Since the feedback texts can potentially be long, and thereby require much space, it becomes challenging to display (long) text on top of the image, especially on mobile (this would induce scrollbar and text resizing issues). Those are lessons learned from the Image hotspots content type. Alternatively, we could have set a character limit for the feedback text, however, this would restrict the author's flexibility.
  • We considered the Correct vs Incorrect feedback to be of primary importance for the end user, and the feedback text to be of secondary importance, which justified displaying the feedback text below the image. 
  • Feedback text is usually placed below the task's 'content section' in other content types and we strive for consistency across content types.
  • If Image hotspot question was to be available from compound content types, such as Interactive video, having feedback text on top of the image would have induced further user experience issues. 
  • We looked at how similar interactive tasks had solved feedback text issues, and concluded that having the feedback text below the image was not unconventional. 

In an isolated, best case scenario, I agree that the feedback text should be adjacent to the user's submitted answer. However, the arguments above were too discouraging to go for this option. 

That being said, there are probably unexplored solutions closer to option 1, that we haven't yet discovered :)

Thanks, that makes sense. I'll make do for now with a notice at the top of the page reminding users to look for the feedback below the image.