Time Format for Display Time in Interactive Videos

Hey guys,

At the moment the time format for interaction time stamps is shown in minutes and seconds (0min:00s). I was wondering whether it is possible to have this time format in milliseconds aswell (e.g.: 0min:00s:000ms). The reason im asking is that pausing the video would become a bit more precise and its easier to freeze the video on the correct frame. Sometimes I run into the problem that the protagonists in videos would make a weird facial expression for that paused moment and right now you can only jump a second further which is in some cases too far.

Thanks in advance

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Hi JundK,

Afaik this is possible by making some changes to the code. This page should give you an idea on how to do this. Also there are developers in the community who every now and then works on a feature they find interesting or useful.

I moved your post to the Feature Request forum.


Hi, am just wondering if this feature request has been actioned? This would be an extremely useful addition.

If not would you be able to provide a little more detail on where these code changes need to happen etc? Your link just goes to the general content author guide. Which script/file would I need to tweak etc?



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Hi Bez,

I'm afraid my coding skills are novice at best and we would need some help form other members of the community.