Tables or advanced editor in questions

Hi everybody,

a feature that I really would love to see in H5P is a more advanced text editor view when creating content types. It wouldn't have to be as advanced as TinyMCE (even though an integration would certainly be welcome here), but more option than bold/italic/underline etc. would be great.

The editor also doesn't support adding html, so I can't insert tables into activities like fill-in-the-blanks, which would help me a lot to make some activities more structured and easier to structure (now, to align blanks, I have to hit the space bar a thousand times...)



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Hi, that would be a great idea and there has certainly been a lot of demand for advanced editors from the rest of the community!

I'm working as a developer as part of the H5P Core Team and right now our resources are quite limited. However if you have access to a developer, the code behind H5P is open source and we're happy to receive contributions. :)

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