Mp3 file with fill in the gaps activites

Hi there,

As a languages teacher, it would be very useful to be able add sound files as well as video files to certain activities. Is it possible to add mp3 to the supported files for certain activites, such as the fill in the gaps?

Many thanks

Add audio to Fill in the blanks
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Hi, unfortunately that isn't possible right now but I think it would be a great idea. Hopefully a developer from the community will pick this up in the near future!


Hi, this can be accomplished if you used the presentation module/content type.

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I would also like this feature. The current work around I have done is to simply create question sets which I can attach a video to under 'media'. Essentially, I create a video which only has audio on the video with the video screen saying 'Listen...' I teach Mandarin, so I know what you're saying. Since you can already add images, videos, I think audio is a natural progression. I'm not a technical person, so uncertain to the complexities involved but this has been top of my list and is often a primary reason I still use other things like Adobe Captivate. Love H5P though, and always look forward to updates and seeing the growth of functionality and of the community. Timothy

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Thanks for the feedback, Timothy. I think audio should definitely be something that is added to H5P Blanks amongst other content types!

What other features in Adobe Captivate do you think are missing from H5P?

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Thanks for your note! Yes, really love H5P. I have quite a dream list for additions, but here's a couple which Captivate has that I'd like to see integrated...

Things like:

-Ability to create invisible having a character like '爱' and be able to superimpose an invisible hotspot over it (in course presentations), so when it is clicked you can trigger audio or see other text pop up in a box (ài/love). Currently, you can only create buttons to sit next to text objects which often tend to clutter your learning page if you have 3 or 4 of them. It's a space/simplicity saving idea..Sometimes I will insert a picture, then hide the audio button behind an object (rendering it invisible) and set it on auto-play. That's my creative work-around...but obviously has more limited application.

-Creating animated objects, where you can set movement paths and send objects across the page, especially in course presentations. Would bring things more to life/less static for learners. I would image this would be much more advanced to impliment...

-Ability to create certificates to award learners after a certain level of achievement.

Lots of things really. What I love about H5P is the simplicity and sincerity of the community. I can only imagine where H5P is going to be in 10 years. I use H5P for about 80% of my design...But when I want to do somethign with a lot of control, I'm forced to go back to Adobe Captivate (which I don't like...)

Really, as soon as I see an update from H5P, I get really excited and open the emails ASAP. Really love where H5P is going!

Best, Timothy


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These are excellent suggestions! I think if we in the H5P community could gather a list of features from other products that users 'can't live without' and work from there I think we could go a long way in helping people move :)

I particularly like your first idea as it wouldn't be too difficult to implement and it's probably something many of us could put to use right away. Would you mind creating a new post in the feature request forum? The core team is busy behind the scenes gathering the feature requests into a table from which we will hope to share with the rest of the community. Keep the ideas coming, it would be invaluable to know of any 'killer features' H5P is missing!

I'm glad that you have been keeping a close watch on the release notes. I also agree, the community behind H5P is trying to make something special happen in the world of interactive content, let's see where it takes us :)