Interactive video improvements

We are using H5P-Wordpress as authoring tool integrated into our LXP platform.

Several of our customers have asked us for some improvements and we are interested in knowing the possibility of paying for these developments and releasing them as part of the product core for the whole community.

  • Selection of type fonts in any interactive video text element (the most important improvement from our perspective)
  • Adding the by-default option for subtitles
  • Full customizable video playback interface - enable/disable video playback speed icon
  • Full customizable video playback interface - adding volume slider
  • Full customizable video playback interface - enable/disable config icon
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BV52's picture

Hi Jose,

Thank you for your interest in funding improvements for Interactive Video. Please fill out the contact form which goes directly to the core teams inbox. In filling out the form I suggest that place "funding" in the subject.