Documentation Tool - tracking who has exported from the tool


What I would like to do is track which users have completed a document export from the Documentationtool. This could be as simple as allocating an arbitrary mark of '1' to the user when completing a document export for either of te available export options - a .docx MS Word file or as text format.

I am using h5p as a Moodle plugin so it would need to report to Moodle's Gradebook.

All I can view currently is which users have viewed the form (using Moodle's Course Participation report) but of course that doesn't indicate which users have competed the form and produced an export of their work.

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This sounds like a developer job, I believe the best and most consistent way of doing this is to fire an xAPI event when the user exports a document. This could then be tracked through an event tracking system/LMS.

The fastest way to get this done would be to use developer resources to create a pull request for the documentation tool repository. If you do not have developer resources an alternative would be to inspire developers in the H5P community to create it by writing a well specified issue inside the repository. Doing some research on the xAPI specification and how it is used in other libraries is a good place to start.

- Thomas