Your PHP version does not support ZipArchive.

In trying to install h5p interactive video, I get the error message: Your PHP version does not support ZipArchive

I get this even though I have installed Archive_zip in PHP PEAR Packages using Cpanel.

I am running the latest php version, 7.2, in Wordpress.

What should I do to get this installed?

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Hi Jake,

The generic H5P part of the plugin should support PHP versions as low as 5.2, yours is newer so this should not be the problem.

Make sure that you enable the ZipArchive extension in PHP as it's required. 


Hi BV52, 

I have already enabled ZipArchive extension in PHP. Still I have the same problem. You can see by the attachment.




The problem above still hasn't been resolved. I hope someone soon can help with this matter. Thanks.

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Hi Jake!

It seems you have resolved this issue.


Still having the same issue even after installing ZipArchieve in the Cpanel, any idea how to solve this issue?