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Request for H5P integration with learnpress via a plugin.

Learnpress has a large userbase and unlike most wordpress based LMS, is free* (ish!)

I know this topic has cropped up a couple of times in the various forum areas, but I would like to post it here as a feature request in the hope that other people will upvote it as being important.




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Hi E_Dev42!

Creating and maintaining new plugins takes quite some time, and the core team can't do it all on their own. On the bright side, thanks to H5P being open source software, there are a couple of plugins for other platforms that have been created by the community (e.g. for the ILIAS LMS). Maybe someone is going to create an integration for Leanpress, too!


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Indeed true. As someone who is involved in various other open source projects, I realise just how much work goes into developing anything. And believe me I am very appreciative of all the work done to date with H5P as until now we have been forced to develop most functionality  the long way through html and flash (argh!).


For various (and not always clear) reasons we are stuck with learnpress as the LMS choice for WP

If I wasn't so over committed myself I would have a look at writing an integration plugin myself, but sadly the remaining few hours left in my day are filled with occasional snatches of sleep - something of a luxury right now ;)  So Im just hoping that enough interest in developing the plugin brings someone to the thread who has the time to take on the project.

Unable to download the H5P content Please support me. I am using the learnpress paid version with Eduma theme.

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Please teach your server to send the correct MIME type, see https://h5p.org/comment/19705#comment-19705 and the following comments.