Some Course Presentation features not in Interactive Video


Is there a plan to have all the features available in the Course Presentation, to be also available in the Interactive Video?

For example, the following features are not available in Interactive Video (at least in the demo site):  Image hotspots, Guess the answer, Flashcards, Drag the Words and Dialog cards.


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Drag the words is part of Interactive Video, the others are not added yet. I think it is a good idea to add the ones you have listed, maybe except Image hotspots, since this also may contain videos? What do you think?

If you can add all of them, including Image Hotspots to the Interactive Video that would be great.  The image may not be a video - an example would be a picture of a form.  And to depict where somebody should be filling out a field in the form, this is where the hotspot would be very helpful.


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Could you please create an issue here:

We have alot on our todo list, so I am not sure when we are able to do this change. If you are a developer, or have access to one, you are welcome to fork the IV repository on github and fix issues as you please. Afterward, you simply create a pull request and we merge your changes in.

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Hi, actually image hotspots could use video, but then the actual video from the interactive video as a canvas or a frame of the video as the image. That's really interactive!