Create a questionnaire / quiz and send user results


I love h5p and we've been using it for some time now with great feedback from our users. 

I've started experimenting with the WP plug-in for H5p and have an idea, but don't know how to handle it. I would really appreciate some advise.

I would like to post a quiz on our WP website for our users to check their knowledge of foreign languages and use this quiz as a lead generation content. A use would go trough the questions and when submitting we would tell them what level they achieved. So I guess my first wish would be to have a grading system that would enable to display different content depending on the results. Secondly, I would like the users to enter their email address so we can send them more information about their responses and correct answers. This would serve as a lead generation form for our marketing automation to take over. We're working with Mautic so the form for lead gen could either be mautic or would send an API post with user info to our MA.

I really hope someone could help me out. 

Thanks in advance  


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Hi M,

There are several phases for this to be achieved let me try to break it down below:

  1. Create a content that will suite your needs for your project. The main problem that you will have is there isn't a single content that can achieve exactly what you want so you need to do some experimenting, a good place to start is Course Presentation, Quiz (Question Set) and Column. For the capturing of e-mail address you can use questionnare which will allow the user to type anything in your case an e-mail address.
  2. Install an LRS to capture the data that the contents provide. One example is H5PxAPIkatchu.
  3. Next step would be to set up the data retieved from the LRS that will be useful for your project

You can read more about how H5P provides the data below:


Good luck on your project :-)


I created an interactive video, at the end of the visualization the user sees the total score and the ENTER key ... to whom is this report sent?


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Hi Maria,

If you are creating the contents here in it doesn't go anywhere. The site is for testing the basic features of H5P. You need to use Worpress, Moodle or Drupal or sign up for and subscription to be able to retrieve the score/answers.




I'm using H5P on Drupal and want to use the Questionnaire module in order to get some feedback from the user e.g. Out of 1-10 how strngly do you feel about ...

However when I go to create content I cannot actually see the Questionnaire content type.


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Hi Bez,

You need to enable the "Enable LRS dependent content types" option in the H5P settings.