Video progress dependant on results

I am testing it the last two days.
If I understand well, there is no way to completely block the video play, unless you will reply correcty to a quiz.

This means that on the moment the video will CONTINUE to play, no matter if you will finish the quiz correctly or no.
I can't find a way to "hide" the CONTINUE button.

Also, for some reason, when I adjust the video to stop automatically at a quiz point, then the size of the quiz pop up window is very small.

Can you please help?

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We are currently working on a lot of improvements for IV, but none of them wil make it possible to block the video when a user answers wrong. You could add a feature-request here: If we see this is functionality needed by several people, it might be something we can do. Otherwise, if you have access to a developer, it is the possibility to fork & pull

Could you create a screenshot of the too-small popup window, and attach it here?



I'm finding more small problems... I will work on it few more days and will let you know.

What I'm asking for is not a big deal (I think). 

Here is a screenshot. You will see how tiny the window is now. If I change the settings and let the user sellect if he will run the quiz or not, then everything is OK.

Also you can see another bug (?). As you can see I have changed the text in another language.
The text on the continue button seems OK now, but the text for the score, is still the default, even though I have chaged it!

I'm using Chrome.

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Joubel is currently working on many improvements for the Interactive Video content type. I think the small-window issue will be addressed in the upcoming release.

I am not able to reproduce the translation problem. Did you change the Title for result slide field? Look at the attached screenshot.