Usability for subtitles: Embedded Youtube in a Course Presentation

Hi there!

I have a question about usability for subtitles. I'm embedding a YouTube video into a Course presentation. The delivery platform is moodle.

Some users have reported that it has been unclear how to turn on captions. The problem may be that the caption option does not appear until you play the video.

Before clicking play:

After clicking play:

The issue may also be related to responsiveness / small screens.

On small screens the interface changes, providing a dot-dot-dot menu item:

However, when you click on the menu, caption options do not *always* appear. Sometimes they appear if you click the menu button more than once, other times they do not appear at all.

Is this a configuration issue?

Grateful for ideas and advice!!

Here's the link to the h5p activity in which this was reported:



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Hi dmcwo,

Thank you for reporting this. There is an existing bug report  that aims to resolve this.

Thanks for the reply and linking to the bug report! Is there a suggested work around for this?

Thank you!


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Hi Doug,

I'm sorry at the moment there is no workaround for this. However I place a comment in the bug report if someone do find one.