Text Sequencing or identify parts of a paragraph


Is there an drag and drop activity that does text sequencing?  For example, if I want students to the sentences of a paragraph or paragraphs in an essay in order, is there an H5P option for that.  

Does H5P have an activity option where students can identify parts of a paragraph?

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Hi Qasim,

I'm afraid there are no content types that can exactly do this. Although Drag and Drop can accomplish this with a little bit of effort. You can create the dropzones with the sequence needed and draggables as the sentences. Though for essays space might be a bit of a problem.

For the identifying parts I think you DnD should also work you can use the paragraph as a backgorund and dropones on specific parts of it. Draggables would then be the choices for each part.

I hope this helps and if anyone else in the community has implemented something similar your input would be much appreciated.