Create a scoring base based on a quizz


I would like to set up a specific test on my blog.
However I don’t know if it’s possible or if there is any solution for that.

I have about 20 questions. Theses questions belongs to some block of questions. When the user answer a specific question, a specific score is assigned to this.

At end I would like to have the score for each block in order then to display a scoring bar.

For example :
After submitting the all quizz, the user get a profil which looks like :
A = 53%
B = 30 %
C = 7%
D = 10%

Is there a way to do that ?

Thank a lot,

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Hi Lirone,

H5P contents are designed to assign 1 point for every question and provides results as a total. You can extract the data that will provide information on which answers were chosen. I highly recommend looking through these documentation: