In Moodle - Multiple Choice question doesn't show Correct/Almost/Not-correct answer feedback

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We have version 1.0-rc.4 installed in out Moodle 3.1 platform. Whereas in version 1.0-rc, we could enter text in the Text overrides and translations->Correct answer feedback/Almost correct answer feedback/Not correct answer feedback and it would show up when the user clicked the Check button, in this version, those feedbacks don't show up when the user click the Check button. The feedback that deos show up is only the one defined in Text overrides and translations->Feedback text.

Why is that?

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Hi! This is unfortunate. I've created an issue in our bug tracker for fixing the issue as soon as possible. You may follow its progress here: HFP-452

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Thanks for creating the issue.

If I understand correctly, the solution you're offering is to remove those fields? That would be unfortunate, as those fields are great for feedback, and, in fact, it would be appreciated if they appeard in other content types as well.

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I added a fix that will use the text from the old feedback fields if they are set. If no value is set the text from the new feedback field will be displayed (N out of TOTAL points). This should give you the old behavior you're looking for.

Link to the fix: e5106fc