Interactive Video: Vimeo Support

Does the interactive video support vimeo videos. I am currently trying to create an  interactive video using the Wordpress Plugin but i keep getting "Unknown" and Found no video players that support the given video format

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For the moment, interactive video supports youtube and uploaded video-files.

Supporting Vimeo would be a good addition, I suggest you add an issue here:

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In new editor I see that: "H5P supports all external video sources formatted as mp4, webm or ogv, like Vimeo Pro". When I' trying to add link from Vimeo Pro I see "Found no video players that supports the given video format." How I can use it video from Vimeo?

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Make sure that you're using the direct link to the video source, ending in .mp4, .webm or .ogv. 

Support for using the Vimeo player as a source for interactive videos hasn't been added because that would involve having a double set of video controls. That is because the unique look of their player is part of their branding. Vimeo doesn't offer a chromeless player like YouTube does.

I don't believe there is an option to link to the video source on vimeo. I use Vimeo because it has the facility to control access to content by URL, meaning I can embed my videos on my website and restrict access from everywhere else. This facility is not available on YouTube and I don't want to self-host all of my video content.

I can't use Interactive Video unless Vimeo is supported.

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Using Vimeo Pro, you will find a settings page that contains direct links to mp4 files of your videos in different resolutions. Downside: as far as I know, those links don't respect the privacy settings that you can use to restrict access to the videos. Since the Vimeo API does not allow to completely get rid of/replace the Vimeo Player elements, there's probably no way to include it in H5P.