Random selection + shuffle for fill-in-the-blanks, others

Hi there, 

I love h5p and am even back on Moodle now, in part thanks to you. I'll outline a few wishes/requests in the next few posts, as it seems you do welcome these :-)

Let's say I have a list of seventy items to put in a fill-in-the-blank quiz. Vocabulary lists or irregular verbs for example, with the past tense and past participle as blanks. Ideally, I'd input all items and asterisks in one exercise composed of X number of questions - for example, 70 irregulars for 70 questions (with two blanks each). Then I would define a smaller number of questions to appear each time the "game" is played. The student would complete a 15 question exercise rather than all 70. With each new try, the questions would be shuffled and 15 chosen according to some savvy formula or randomization.

Two obvious advantages: 1) keep a large list in one place, 2) automatic shuffling. I use Excel to shuffle at the present time.

The next step would be to shuffle according to results and reuse questions the student missed the first time around. I forget the term for this.

This could be seen as an alternative to a question bank - a question bank for some exercises, perhaps with a limit to avoid a crash or slowdown. It would maintain h5p's flexibility as well, because lots of exercises present and use the data differently, which is fantastic.

Dialog cards, memory, fill-in-the-blanks, T/F, Multiple choice would be good candidates in my opinion. Even drag/drop zones, with X out of Y hotspots active while the background stays the same. 



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These are really good and useful ideas. I'm quite certain that we'll be seeing these kind of question bank/pool tasks in H5P rather sooner than later.

The challenge with doing this is the modular and powerful nature of H5P – it may be difficult to see how this can be done in a good way. Personally, I'm thinking of sort of a Question Pool 'parent content type' or 'extension content type' for questions, but I'm not sure if that is the most scaleable way of doing this.  

In my spare time I've been working on a 'Gloassary' sort of content type that is similiar to Fill in the Blanks but better suited for single words. I hope you will try it out and let me know what you think when it's done. It sounds like it may be a good fit for your use case.

Thank you for sharing your ideas and wishes.

Have a good day!

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Where can I try your Gloassary?