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Hi again, 

It is fantastic to be able to upload sound files in so many content types. As was mentioned earlier, having multiple sound files that can be attached to an object, or dragged and dropped would be fantastic. It would be wonderful to see a recording microphone on h5p to skip the uploading step, especially when we deal with very short sound bites.



Record audio from Editor
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Hi Maude,

Thanks for your suggestion. I think it's very good!

- Tom

h5p and PooDll ( are my favorite plugins ever! Were you to join forces one day...

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That's a really cool plugin! 

while we are at it, how about the capability to add sound waves, too. :-D thanks!!

It's a fantastic plugin with brilliant support.

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Noted :)

Hi guys - Just curious to see if there is any intention to include the aforementioned audio-recording during content editing feature within the product roadmap?  We certainly have quite a few customers who are in dire need of this to streamline their content authoring workflow, and would be interested in assisting your dev team accordingly.  Reach out to me at [email protected]


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We prefer doing the communication in this open forum so that others can learn, and see what is going on :)

Adding an audio recorder to H5P means changing the generic H5P editor library. If you would like to contribute on this, we will, of course, guide you :) Just let us know, and we can make an overall description on how we would approach this! You could also have a look here:

I'll second that :-)

The experimental version of the upcoming Scratch 3.0 has got a very nice audio recording feature.


The code is open source, maybe it can provide some inspiration.

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Thanks, could be fun playing around with that :)