Triggers (Not talking about Social Justice Warriors...hehe)

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Hey there H5P Community!

Yes, as I continue to work with H5P, I really love the simplicity of things. I'm really excited too to see the developments that are occuring and the constant upgrading of capabilities with core simplicity remaining intact. 

As I've created hundreds of hours of content with H5P, one thing that would be on a massive wishlist would be the ability to create 'triggers.' I know the technical side might be out of reach of time and money, but nevertheless, it is a dream.

Here's my suggestion:

Basically, when a student clicks on an element like audio or text element, you could set a trigger to it. This could suddenly make a .jpg appear, or suddenly have .gif play on the screen as a result of clicking an element or answering an question correctly.

Example: a student answers a question right, then a .gif of 'fireworks' starts playing.

Something like this would add a little bit more to the interactive feel, and especially with younger learners would allow them to be more engaged, as I know kids love to see a 'response' to their correct answers (more than the green slide with a star).

Anyhow, I know this might be technically challenging, but just think it is something that will help others create increasingly professional and engaging content for learners.

I'm a teacher of 15 years and professional musician, so I'm always thinking about how to wed content in fun creative ways to learners to get them excited and involved in the learning process.

Cheers from New Zealand!


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Hi Timothy, 

That's excellent that you've been making so many content types, we need more people like you :)

I think we are slowly moving down the path of incorporating features that exist in established products (from Adobe and Microsoft) but which features we adopt depend, of course, on ease of development, availability of funding and feedback from the community. I think improving the forums here on is key to creating a good place for discussion to happen amongst the most ethusiastic authors.