Timeline does not allow to insert images in body text

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I am a moodle administrator (version 3.5.4) in an ecuadorian University called UNAE (www.unae.edu.ec). I just did upload the h5p version to the last one. But I can not develop a similiar timeline like your example, It has a good interface with images next to the each item. Your plugin is installed correctly, everything is working fine except I did not find an icon to insert an image in the body text for each item. Also I tried to create a timeline in your h5p.org web page, but the text editor is the same like moodle.

Please let me know how to resolve this, because I have a lot of teacher waiting for this resource.


Ing. Malhena Sanchez.
Educacion Continua-UNAE

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Hi Malhena,

The timeline only allows links to images. You will see this option under Assets->Media.


I tried to upload a couple pictures on flickr, since apparently this is supported, but it still doesn't show the image. It's either loading or showing some generic preview of a website I don't even know.

I tried the link to share the picture and also the url that is shown in my browser. Are there specific settings in flickr I have to activate? Or am I using the wrong link?
Are there other uploading services that work?

Best regards


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Hi Andrea,

This forum threads may help:





Hi BV,

thank you very much, this helped to solve my issue!

Here ist how it worked for me:

  1. Click on the downards pointing arrow to download the image
  2. Click "view all sizes"
  3. Choose the size that I want to display, wich for me is usually smaller than the original size.
  4. On the top of the page, next do "Download" right click on the link "Download the ... size of this photo".
  5. Click "Copy link address".
  6. Paste this link to h5p as the URL of the medium you want to display.

My images on flickr are all set to private and it still displays the images correctly. So this is a relatively reasonable solution for companys and educational institutions.

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Hi Andrea,

I'm glad it worked and thank you for posting the steps. There may have been some changes from the last time I posted that reply.