Set/group selection activity

What I would like to see is a set selection task. This can be approximated with matching tasks or drag and drop exercises but this usually requires revealing to the learner the nature of the set/category. What I envisage can be seen in the mocked up screenshots. I'm not competent to do the programming but I am guessing most of the relevant routines already exist. What I would do is detect whether items overlap and, if they do, they are deemed to form a group. On submission the groups are checked to see if they are correct.

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Thank you for your interest in H5P and for your suggestion!

We don't have any current plans for creating such a content type. For me, it seems Drag and Drop (available here), could be useful in the scenario you have outlined?

Thanks. Never mind. One day perhaps.

I think Drag and Drop will work in some limited situations such as when there is just one set to be selected from a number of distractors. However, if two sets need to be identified there probably isn't a way of checking to see if the two sets are correct without revealing in advance what set they are looking for. That certainly can be useful activity (Which of these are fruits? Which are vegetables?) but is a different activity to one where the learner has to consider what the unifying features might be.

Drag and Drop would work if the checking was not to do with whether the items were in the correct drop box but was to do with what other items were in the same drop box irrespective of which drop box was being used but I'm guessing that to get it to work that way would take almost as much work as producing a wholly new activity.


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Yeah, I think you're right. Might be better to create it from scratch. It is an interesting question types though. Maybe not one that will be frequently used, but still.

Another way to look at it would be the ability to give a class (numerical for example) to each drag and drop object, to allow for sorting?

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Yeah, good idea. That might not give perfect feedback, but if the user gets everything correct he will get full score :)