H5P as an option within the activity setting of an assignment, forum, or quiz

I'm not sure if this is really a feature request, but I wasn't sure what category to post this under. We are trying to implement using H5P very extensively, but have had to pull back because of a couple of issues. 

1. After several students have completed an activity, and have grades in the gradebook, all grades will suddenly be gone, and () shows as the grade. The teacher has to go into the activity and play through the entire video and the grades then appear again. 

2. Once 1 student completes an activity, if the teacher attempts to edit, all grades are lost.

 I think both problems could be solved,  if the h5p activity was an option in activity setting. Poodll works this way, so I thought maybe H5P could as well. This would allow you to assign points for the assignment, and solves the issue of never being able to edit, after 1 student has accessed it. Attached is a screenshot of settings for using Poodll within an assignment

As you can see the dropdown allows you to choose what recording type to use. This could display what h5p activities to choose. 

I think it would require splitting up the h5p options. Those that receive a grade would be the ones used here. Those that are resources could remain as is. Is this a possibility?

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2) This has been fixed by never resetting scores when a teacher edits an H5P. It was fixed in the following github issue, and should be released shortly.

1) I'm not aware of this. Do you have the possibility to narrow the issue down further ? When exactly does this happen ? Does it always happen ? Do the grades always reappear after the teacher plays through the video, and does this only happen in InteractiveVideo ?

I don't know enough about the inner workings of Moodle to see why making H5P an option in activity settings. Could you elaborate on this ? You should already be able to assign points for the assignments, as implemented in the following github issue. Presently there is no way to determine whether a H5P has grades or not from the plugin side.

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