New Content Type Column Matching

Column Matching

This Type of Questions Is possible in drag and drop (Question Type) But for small children Drag and Drop is difficult  in Desktop and if you add more than 8 or 10 question it is also difficult in mobile version.

There are Two columns  column A and Column B , Each column Contains 3 or more objects (image or text) , Column A contain  Questions and Column B Contains Answer of that Questions.

How to use it ?

First Student click any object (ie image or text) in Column A then select another object in column B if both are matching then both objects color change or Draw a connecting line from Two matching Objects X to  Y.

Note : Student can de-select the object before finish his work.

New drag and drop content type – Column Matching
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It sounds like this could be a useful content type. I've noted down your request.
Thank you for sharing.