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I am aware of css workarounds for WordPress and Drupal (, but nothing for Moodle.

I have an accordion that I see uses and I have created a .h5p-accordion class in both <moodle>/mod/hvp/styles.css and <moodle>/mod/hvp/library/styles/h5p.css, but I can't get my embedded accordion to pickup the style locally.

Could you suggest where in the moodle plugin code that I need to add/change to override the css to pick up locally?



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Unfortunately there is no css hooks for Moodle yet, however there is an issue for fixing exactly this in the next release. You can follow along the progress of the issue at: I would suggest waiting for this issue to be implemented instead of hard-coding anything within the plugin.

The '/mod/hvp/styles.css' is only used when showing the results of an H5P, and the 'h5p.css' may be cached or overwritten by the .sass file.

- Thomas