Feature request: Course Presentation Count clicks

Show click counter in Course Presentation.  

I am not sure if this exists but I missed it. We require to show the number of clicks a user took to get to the end of the presentation, this should also be one of the measureables or values passed to an LRS.  

We use the course presentation to simulate training with multiple ways to get to the end point, but we need to be able to see how many clicks the users took to reach the end. 

If anyone can reccomend a solution it would be greatly appreciated. 


Kind regards


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Hi Andries!

That seems to be a very special requirement, and I am not sure if it would make sense to put that into the content type code.

Course Presentation triggers a "progressed" xAPI event whenever the slide is changed, and it also includes the slide number. So, your LRS should already contain all the information that you need.

One way to implement your idea could be to add some code to your host system that listens to that particular event, simply increments a counter whenever the event is triggered and displays the counter value as the number of steps whenever the final slide is reached. There's example code for listing to xAPI events in the documentation.



Thank you so much for the quick response.  I will have a chat with our developes to see what they can accomplish with this. 

I fully understand that this might be to specific to bring into the core of the content type. 


Kind regards