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Hi, I tried to embed interative book in Thinkific using the URL (which works for the other H5P contents), but for the book it didn't work. It shows only a horizontal line in the frame, so something seems to be wrong with the embedding of interactive book.

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Hi Marina,

Thank you for reporting this. This is issue is a known bug and you can follow the progress here.


I am having the same problem, I get a thin faint line and it's changing the code once I save.

We had same problem in our on- and offline versions, also with the new  "Advanced fill the blanks",

but we are happy, to have it in both versions fixed. But have no idea, how to show here.

(Because I'm just now not happy, to show here, how H5P works in our versions offline...but both is very close together).

It's only a very small bug in the H5P-player.... - also embedding works than.

Hi, is there any way to contact you directly? I am interested in your bug fix, I am having the same issue!

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Hi universalgelehrter,

Advanced Fill in the Blanks was created by one of our community members serettig, if you's like to share your solution to him please contact him directly through his Github repo.


Hello universalgelehrter, how can I contact you?

For no spam, as a picture.(attached)

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Can you explain in what situation embedding for Advanced fill the blanks does not work? I'll try to fix this, but I can't reproduce this issue: if I embed content of this type I've created on in other websites, everything seems to work fine.

I'm having the same issue. Trying to embed an Interactive Book in Moodle and nothing appears. Disappointing. Any idea when this issue will be fixed?

I'm having the same issue, of the Interactive Book I created in H5P not appearing in Moodle when I embed it. Any idea when this issue will be resolved?

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I'm afraid there is no ETA yet for the resolution. Please note that the content is in Alpha phase, there are some bugs that are yet to be fixed and features to be added.