tib-av as videosource for h5p interaktive video

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Hi everybody,

is it possible to ad the tib-av.eu video portal as source for interactive video? The tib-av.eu portal is a great source for educational video an also to host own videos with science and educational content.

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Sample: https://h5p.org/node/483141


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Hi Ingolf,

Yes this should be possible but you need to get the "source" URL of the video. You cannot use the URL for this (unlike Youtube). To do this you need to right click the video and click on view source. Look for the URL that ends with mp4 or wav depending on the format that it was uploaded. Here is an example that I took from the sample page you provided https://tib.flowcenter.de/mfc/medialink/3/dee6da8a7331380f806aabcc6c61ef....

Furthermore the site does not support Access-Control-Allow-Origin. Accessibility is very important for H5P, and in order to allow subtitles for external videos we're currently requiring that the servers they are hosted on has an Access-Control-Allow-Origin header set that allow H5P.com / H5P.org or whatever site you're using access to the video in a cross origin resource sharing manner. This needs to be set the the hosting provider.