Comprehension questions about Interactive Video & CORS

Hey h5p-Team!

I have two comprehension questions about Interactive Video & CORS:

1. I read in another forum topic about the Interactive Video needing CORS allowed, so subtitles can work. Is CORS needed for other features as well and if not: is there / will there be an option to shut off subtitles and don't use CORS?

2. If I use the h5p plugin on my WordPress CMS website and upload the video to the same domain/webspace (f.e. is the website and the video is on ) would it work, because CORS wouldn't be a problem since it is the same source?

I just learned about the existence of CORS, I apologize if these questions are really obvious :)

best regards!



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Hi aw,

  1. Afaik specifically for IV CORS is needed only for subtitles, the other features will work even without CORS. 

    We see that many servers used by community members unfortunately does not have this set, and that they are not controlled by the community member either, so we're considering a solution where you can decide to allow such servers, sacrificing accessibility.(i.e. sacrificing subtitles support to use these servers).

  2. You will still need CORS enabled for this to work. You can read more about enabling it here.