Fill-in-the-Blanks: Score of Points to reflect number of corrections?

The 'Score  of points' now seems to reflect completion status only. It does not seem to consider the extent to which a student had to correct a wrong answer. If so, would it be possible / an idea to build this in? Same for situations in which a student chooses to 'try again' ? This would sort of gamify the exercise to a certain extent generating competion among students as to who scores best. Actually, I am sure it will generate such a competition as I noticed this in all my lessons when using good old Hot Potatoes JCloze exercises. I  am quoting the relevant Help info:

JCloze scoring works like this:

  1. Each gap is of equal value in the total score.
  2. Asking for a hint on any gap will reduce the score for that gap proportionately to the number of letters in that answer. In other words, if you ask for a hint on a five-letter word, then one-fifth of the score for that word will be lost.
  3. Asking for a clue on any gap will cut the score for that word by half.
  4. Every time you click on Check, if the answer is not completely correct, there is a penalty. In other words, if a student uses hints and clues repeatedly while completing an exercise, his or her score will be reduced considerably, and may even end up at zero. Students should complete the whole exercise before pressing the Check button; if they check each answer as they enter it, they will lose a lot of points.

I did not figure out how losing points upon checking every single answer has been programmed; I am just a language teacher. The assumption here is that every Fill-in-the-Blank object would contain multiple sentences with multiple blanks, in any case not just 1 sentence.

Hope I made my point clear?

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I'm sorry that this has gone unanswered for so long. I've seen a couple of teachers referencing 'Hot potato' quizzes in the forums, I assume it was a great tool :)

I think that this would be a really good enhancement to Fill-in-the-blank. Right now the content types are fairly one-dimensional as they don't allow more nuanced feedback and interactions. The Core Team might not be able to tackle this issue right now but hopefully a developer from the community who has the same need will be able to contribute some code. 

- Tim 

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"[...] if a student uses hints and clues repeatedly while completing an exercise, his or her score will be reduced considerably, and may even end up at zero"

And would you say this is sound pedagogy? As a former language teacher and "pioneer" of using the new technologies for language teaching (in the 1980s) I have my reservations about this kind of reasoning. I have used the "Hot Potatoes" activities for many years and found them a great tool. However, I had a hard time to persuade my students to use the hints and clues precisely because they argued that that strategy lowered their final score. When you are learning, the real competition is not against your fellow learners, it is against yourself. You can cheat with others, you can not cheat with yourself.

Well maybe I was secretly annoyed that the students did not want to use those clues that I had painstakingly created just for them...