Error Message on Website with embedded h5p Content


Since yesterday, a rather odd issue where embedded content is not available from appears on my Webpage.

The unpublished h5p content is:

I believe due to a mistake of mine, I may did the captcha wrong one to many time and got caught into your Spam System.

Could you please republish the content above asap?

Its embedded in one ouf our business websites: and just looks not good...

Many Thanks!



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Hi Julia!

Since you're mentioning that you're using H5P for your business website, I'd like to point out that using is not supposed to be a free hosting service, but it's meant for testing (as you can read above your content when you edit it). Please don't use it for critical services of your own, but install the free H5P plugin for one of the supported host systems and host the content yourself. You could also switch to


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Hi Julia,

Due to recent spam activity we have enabled additional measures to combat them. I'll send your request to publish the content to the core team. Oliver's suggestion is on point. is meant to be a site to test H5P, it's best to eventually host your contents or subscribe to There are also some plans in the future to turn off embedding and and limit creating contents in the site.

Thanks for the input @otacke


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You had incorrectly been marked as a spammer. This should be fixed now.

Hello all!

thanks a lot for your help and considaration.

But now it seems like my content isn't republished already and is only visible when I am logged in.

Could you please look into it?


Thanks in advance!

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I'm sorry for the inconvenience, the problem should be solved now.

Hello again,

I am reopening my request again because it appears that my content is again marked as spam and is shown again as "content unavailable"

I did just one of the captcha picutre finding "game" not on first try. - How come that this instantly marked me as a spamer?


Can you please republish the content again?


Thanks in advance

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Hi Julia,

I'm afraid this is not possible since there is a possibility that it will marked as spam again by the system. Please remember that is only for trying out H5P and as of the moment we have a very aggressive spam filter. I suggest that either you host your own contents or sign up for this page can get you started.